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Invitation to The Intellectual Talk from COE of C-ACT, FTMK

Assalammualaikum and Good day,
The honourable Dato’/Datuk/Datin/Prof./Associate Prof./Dr./Sir/Madam/Miss,
   Research Management Committee (JK Pengurusan Penyelidikan) and COE of C-ACT, FTMK is going to organize an Intellectual Talk from our Research Group (RG) and their representative with details as below:
   Date:  20 May 2015 (Wednesday)
   Time:  2.30pm
   Venue: Dewan Seminar FTMK (Level 3)
   First Presenter:  Mr. Malek Alazzam
   Title:  Physicians’ Acceptance of Electronic Health Records with UTAUT2 Model
   Research Group: BIOCORE
   Group Leader:  PM. Dr. Abd. Samad Hasan Basari
   Second Presenter:  Cik Nurul Akmal Hashim
   Title:  A New Model of Crypt Edge Detection using PSO and Bi-Cubic Interpolation for Iris Recognition
   Research Group: OPTIMASS
   Group Leader:  Dr. Abd. Samad Shibghatullah
   On behalf of the COE, committee, research group and our faculty, we are pleased to invite all staff who are interested, as well as to welcome all FTMK postgraduate students to attend this meaningful knowledge sharing event.
   Hopefully to see you all then.
Thank You.
Intan Ermahani A. Jalil
Research Management Committee, FTMK