Mohd Sanusi Azmi

  Assoc. Prof Dr. Mohd Sanusi Azmi
Associate Professor
Head of Software Engineering Department
  Email :
  Phone : +606 270 2472
  Website : ..
  Office : D1 D/G 13
PhD in Computer Science from University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Msc. of Information Technology from University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Bsc. Of Information Technology from University Kebangsaan Malaysia
Field of Specialization
Feature Extraction, Handwritten Character Recognition, Document Analysis, Digital Paleography, Digital Authentication of Al-Quran Mushaf.
Research Group
Dr. Mohd Sanusi Bin Azmi is currently the Head of Department of Software Engineering in his faculty since 2015. He joined UTeM since 2003 and focuses on programming subjects especially Object Oriented Programming, Programming Technique, Distributed Application Development and Algorithm Analysis and Design. He also teaches master coursework classes and supervises master by research and Doctor of Philosophy students.

In research, he is the Malaysian pioneer researcher in identification and verification of digital images of Al-Quran Mushaf. He is also involved in Digital Jawi Paleography. He actively contributes in the feature extraction domain. He has proposed a novel technique based on geometry feature used in Digit and Arabic based handwritten documents.

From the achievement of his researches, he has filed one Intellectual Property (PI2016704859), four (4) copyrights and three (3) trademarks. Besides, he has published more than 30 publications.

Dr. Mohd Sanusi Bin Azmi also won 1 Silver for ITeX 2017, 1 Bronze for MTE 2017, 1 Silver for E-Learning Carnival 2017, 2 Gold for UTemex 2016, 1 Bronze for UTeMex 2016 and 1 Bronze for UTeMex 2015.