Burhanuddin Mohd. Aboobaider

  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Burhanuddin Mohd. Aboobaider
  Associate Proffessor
  Email : burhanuddin@utem.edu.my
  Phone : +606 331 6601
  Website : http://www.utem.edu.my/myweb/burhanuddin/
  Office : Main Campus, FTMK Building, D0/1-29
PhD. in Computer Science from University Technology Malaysia (UTM), 2009.
MSc. in Mathematics from University Science Malaysia (USM), 2004.
BSc. in Computer from University Technology Malaysia (UTM), 2002.
Dipoma in Computer Science from University Technology MARA (UiTM), 1994.
Field of Specialization
Industrial Computing
Burhanuddin is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Department for the Industrial Computing Department. He is a lecturer in soft computing and mathematics, teaching theory and practical courses for post-graduates and under-graduates students. The course he taught includes, 'Artificial Intelligence', 'Evolutionary Computing', 'Genetic Algorithms', 'Artificial Neural Network', 'Data Mining and Business Intelligence', 'Theory of Computation', 'Calculus', 'Numerical Analysis', 'Linear Algebra' and 'Discrete Mathematics'. He also taught computer science courses, includes 'Computer Organizations and Architecture', 'System Administration and Maintenance', 'Mathematics for Computing', 'Computer, Data Processing, Analysis and Data Modeling', 'Network Project Management' and 'Statistics'.

Burhanuddin's education was first in Diploma and Honors Degree in Computer Science. After a few years working experience in the multi-national industries, includes Rubber Industrial Smallholder Development Authority, Intel Technology and ESSO Production Incorporation, he successfully completed his MSc. and PhD. With good experience in industry and manufacturing lines, Burhanuddin has sought to bring together disciplines, computer and mathematics to obtain MSc. and PhD. by research. He managed to produce MSc. by research thesis titled 'Reliability Analysis of Repair Time Data' and PhD. titled 'Decision Support Model in Failure-Based Computerized Maintenance Management System for Small And Medium Industries'. The thesis explore the important and derive failure-based maintenance strategies in production lines and propose resources utilization in small and medium industries.

He joined Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka at Faculty of Information and Communication Technology in 2004. Then he joined in King Abdulaziz University, Rabigh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a secondment program for 2 years. Burhanuddin has been active at all levels of the university development and one of the pioneers in building the faculties in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka and King Abdulaziz University Rabigh. He has experience in managing research grants and supervises under-graduate and post-graduate students. His key areas of research interest are 'multiple criteria decision making models', 'optimization techniques', 'artificial neural networks', 'fuzzy logic', 'genetic algorithm' and 'business intelligence'. He has published articles, books and manuscript on some of these subjects.

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