Made your lifetime decisions wisely and we a helping you by providing 10 reasons why you should study at FTMK :

Investing in your future – By offering up to date education and industrial relevant knowledge, we are helping you to prepare for the future.

Increasing your employability – Our pass and present statistic prove it, with 99% of our graduates manage to secure permanent job within 3 months after graduate. We plan to keep it that way for the future.

Learn from the best – Recognized and well respected in their field of expertise, our Professors, Associate professors, Doctor and Lectures are selected among the best that share the same passion in sharing knowledge to others, especially you.

Relevant research – Let us know your interest and we will guide your research to ensure the relevant, contributions and profitable of it.

Earn while you learn – We do provide Research Assistance and Funds allocation for you. Learn and perform your best, you will enjoy all the benefit.

Innovative teaching – We are the first and advance in implementing an innovative teaching and learning techniques among Malaysia Technical University (MTUN) Universities

Working in partnership – Our faculty did working in partnership with others international and local universities as we believe in team work.

Professional relevance – Certified by respective body and organizations. FTMK staff are dedicated and professional personal, ready to assist and guide you.

Encouraging entrepreneurship – Actively participate in various completion and entrepreneur activities.

Industry partnership – Cyber Security Malaysia , IBM, Infenion, Apple Malaysia, Samsung, CodeArmy , Amtis, are few to name our industry partner.

Need more reason?
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