Course Learning Outcomes
The  Bachelor in Computer Science (Software Development) degree course is offered in order to produce knowledgeable and highly skilled graduates in the field of information and communication technology. Graduates pursuing the program are equipped with the necessary knowledge and specialized skills in engineering and software development which could meet the industrial needs in the field. This includes the ability to analyze, synthesize, design complex systems, maintain, test, control software quality and manage software projects.

Career Prospects
Graduates specialized in Software Development have the opportunity to work either in the Government or private sector. They could work as Information System Officer, System Analyst, Software Engineer, Software development Manager, Team member as Software Quality Assurance, System Analyst, System Administrator, Software Tester or Software Development Consultant. Graduates have the opportunity too to further up their studies in Master and Doctorate level.

Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Development ) programme at FTMK intended to produce graduates with the following characteristic:

  1. Able to implement knowledge learned in Computer Science and Information Technology.
  2. Able to implement knowledge learned in Computer Science and Information Technology.
  3. Able to analyze , design and develop ICT applications.
  4. Able to perform system coding using relevant programming language according to industry need.
  5. Able to manage software development project by applying Software Engineering concepts.
  6. Able to perform research in software engineering field.
  7. Able to resolve problems in creative way and able to communicate effectively.
  8. Able to contribute  individually or in a team in various discipline.
  9. Able to lead with ethics and have entrepreneurship skills.