Application for September 2019 intake is now open.

Master of Software Engineering (Mobile Development)

Master of Software Engineering (Mobile Development) is designed to meet the demand for highly skilled mobile apps developer and content experts for platforms such as IOS and Android. The programme is meant to equip the students with content design alongside software development skills that can be applied especially in apps development. The programme’s delivery modes are through lectures, lab session, and industrial projects, emphasise on state-of-the-practice techniques, tools and technology, and recognised methodology through university-industry collaborations. Graduates from this programme will have career opportunities as mobile developer, mobile solution architect and many more.

Entry Requirement:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree in computing or related fields from UTeM or any other institutions of higher learning recognised by the Senat with (minimum CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent).
  2. Bachelor’s Degree with ICT-related work experience which recognized by UTeM Senate.

Curriculum Structure:

Course Category Number of courses Credit Hours
University’s Course 2 6
Core 6 18
Project 2 10
Elective 2 6
Total 12 40

Intake Schedule

Full-Time :

  • Minimum Year: 1 year (2 normal semesters & 1 short semester)
  • Maximum Year: 3 years (6 normal semesters & 3 short semesters)

Part-Time :

  • Minimum Year: 2 years (4 normal semesters & 2 short semesters)
  • Maximum Year: 4 years (8 normal semesters & 4 short semesters)

List of Courses:

No. University’s Course Credit
Research Methodology 3
Entrepreneurship 3
1Project I 4
2Project II6
No. Core Course Credit
1Native Mobile Development I3
2Internet of Things Development 3
3User Experience Design & User Interface Practice 3
4Mobile Analytic 3
5Mobile Testing 3
6Mobile Back-end 3
No. Elective Courses (Select TWO only)Credit
1 Agile Project Management 3
2 Mobile App Architecture 3
3 Native Mobile Development II 3
4 Mobile Security and Privacy 3


Full time
Item Local Student
International Student
Registration Fee 280 280
Service Fee 510 510
Tuition Fee 6,000 10,500
Certification Fee 3,200 5,600
Total 9,990 16,890