• Master of Computer Science (Internetworking Technology) – MQA/FA5650
  • Master of Computer Science (Software Engineering) – MQA/FA5651
  • Master of Computer Science (Database Technology) – MQA/FA5652
  • Master of Computer Science (Multimedia Computing) – MQA/FA1760
  • Master of Computer Science (Security Science) – MQA/FA5653

Duration of Study and Mode of Learning

  • Minimum duration of study: 2 semester
  • Maximum duration of study: 6 semester

Entry Requirement

  • Computer Science degree holder with good result from UTeM; or any other higher education institutions which recognized by UTeM Senate; OR
  • Other degree equivalent to Computer Science degree and 2 years of experience in related field which recognized by UTeM Senate.
  • Candidates without first degree in Computer Science or ICT but have working experience in related ICT field can enroll in this master programme with conditions that they take and pass all the following subjects with at least a Grade B:
Subject code (Need to be taken in the first semester of the study) Credit Hours
Subject Name
BITP1113 Programming Technique 3
BITS1123 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
BITP1323 Database 3
BITP1213 System Development 3
BITS1313 Data Communication and Networking 3
BITM2113 Programming and Web Application 3


Courses Credit Hours
Project 1 3
Project 2 6
Theory Computation 3
Current Trend of Database Technology 3
Advanced Human-Computer Interaction 3
Advanced Data Communication & Networks 3
Computer Architecture & Compiler 3
Algorithm Analysis and Design 3


Internetworking Technology

Courses Credit Hours
Parallel Processing 3
Advanced Scalable Internetworking 3
Advanced Network Design 3
Distributed Computing Systems 3
Advanced High Performance Network 3
Advanced Mobile Computing 3

Database Technology

Courses Credit Hours
Database Programming 3
Database Administration Security 3
Mobile Database 3
Advanced and Deductive Database Systems 3
Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3
Distributed Database 3

Software Engineering

Courses Credit Hours
Advanced Software Engineering 3
Artificial Intelligence 3
Distributed Systems & Internet Technology 3
Requirement Elicitation 3
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning 3
Advanced Topics in Software Intelligent 3

Security Science

Courses Credit Hours
Public Key Infrastructure 3
Computer Forensics 3
Systems and Network Hacking 3
Cryptography and Data Security 3
Intrusion Detection & Prevention 3
Security Management Practices 3
Watermarking 3

Multimedia Computing

Courses Credit Hours
3D Modeling 3
Advanced 3D Animation 3
Computer Graphics & Visualisation 3
Advanced Audio and Video Technology 3
Mobile Application Development 3
Advanced Web Programming 3
Multimedia Professional Ethics 3
Multimedia Based Instructional Design 3
 Note: *Student has to choose 4 core course modules