Calling for Internship Placement Offer Sem 2 2023-2024 (11 March 2024 until 23 August 2024)

Our final year Degree students are currently searching for companies to undergo their internship course for six months.
The students are from the Computer Science and IT program. There are 6 Computer Science programs – Computer Networking, Database Management, Artificial Intelligence, Interactive Media, Software Development and Computer Security AND 1 Information Technology Programme – Game Technology.

To ease the supervisory process between the faculty and the company, the company should assign the appropriate superior as the industrial supervisor for the student.

Among the responsibilities of the industrial supervisor are:

  1. Assign suitable tasks (technical and administration) within the scope of information technology or computer science fields.
  2. Ensure that the Degree student is at least involved in developing a small or medium-scale project in addition to the routine tasks for the grading purpose.
  3. Supervise, monitor, and evaluate the output of the assigned tasks as well as provide guidance.
  4. Verify and sign the related documents such as registration confirmation, attendance record, logbook, and completion verification form.
  5. Before the internship ends, complete the evaluation forms (industrial training & presentation) and submit them to the Faculty Supervisor.
  6. Inform the Faculty Supervisor of any issue that might arise throughout the student’s industrial training period at the organization.

Examples of IT-related tasks are the development of websites, systems, games, mobile applications, etc. Other tasks such as network upgrade and management, security, penetration test, and data analytics are also acceptable.

Thus, we welcome companies that can offer placement for students with suitable IT-related job scopes.

Please provide the placement offer details as below:

  1. Brief information about the company
  2. The job scope/description for the intern
  3. Working days and hours
  4. Allowances
  5. The PIC details

Email the details to the Industrial Training Coordinator: Ts. Haniza bini Nahar at or 06-2702498.

For new companies, you may register at this link.

Please refer to the following document for further details.