To become creative, innovative and world class centre of excellence in the field education, research and services of Information and Communication Technology field.


To develop highly competent professionals with outstanding personalities through a world class technical education on the basis of application-oriented teaching, learning and research with smart partnership with industry and university.


  1. To create ethical, competent and skilful ICT professionals of local, international and industry’s choice.
  2. To spearhead and develop applied research in the ICT field to produce new knowledge and innovative technology needed by the industry which can be commercialized and recognized internationally.
  3. To improve staff professionalism and competence and contribute to university income through consultation, professional training and continuous quality teaching.
  4. To improve ICT understanding, promote ICT culture in the society and provide social services which leads to social well-being and economic development.
  5. To create continuous smart partnership with local and foreign industry and institutions of excellence.
  6. To develop high quality infrastructure and faculty administration system and support programme development to achieve faculty objectives.