Our consultancy services translate our world class research knowledge into real impact for our business partners.

We work with businesses of all sizes, charities and public sector organisations on a consultancy basis to translate this knowledge into new commercial products, innovative services and ways of working. Speak to a member of the team to discuss how we could support your business needs.


Consultation Profile
Members of consultation1the Faculty possess expertise in teaching, research and other aspects of computer science practice. The Faculty is often called upon to provide individuals, departments or institutions with consultations aimed at developing, evaluating or improving various services, which it does through its committees and academics.

Following are the areas of our expertise.

Systems Development
Network Health Check
Software Development
Multimedia Application Development
IT Training Services
IT Consultation Services
Curriculum Development


For further information, please contact:

Prof. Dr. Burairah Hussin
Faculty of Information & Communication Technology
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
[E]: burairah@utem.edu.my
[P]: +606 331 6675