A heritage city beyond compare, new arrivals in Melaka will need to familiarize themselves with essential information in order to fully take advantage of their time in the tropical city.

Transportation in Melaka
To get around, many locals use public buses and taxis. Buses are fairly cheap and connect most major parts of Melaka. In central Melaka, especially in Jonker street and the surrounding streets, many people move around in trishaws. You can also use a bicycle. One option would be to use a taxi to get around to further areas.

Healthcare in Melaka
There are tons of hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities that inhabit the city and there are no shortages of pharmacies either.

Private and public hospitals in Melaka provide quality medical services, although wealthier individuals often opt for private healthcare, and are usually fluent in English, with a majority of doctors being trained overseas but are able to speak their local dialects.

Dining in Melaka
Melaka is a culinary lover’s heaven. The food scene over here is a mixed bag of every sense of taste known to man and continues to delight and dazzle foreigners with the varied tastes and smells that can be found almost anywhere in the city.