The Master of Technology (Data Science and Analytics) is aimed at recent graduates and industry practitioners from various academic discipline with strong analytic and computing skills or experience. The programme is designed to equip the students with fundamental and applied knowledge, technical skill, and current technologies in Data Science and Analytics area. These include the fundamental principles of data science, the capability to analyse a diversity of big data, the skills of using data science tools and applying the data analytics techniques to various domain, as well as the capability to present the analytics results to the intended audience. The programme’s delivery modes are through lectures, lab session, and industrial projects, emphasise on state-of-the-practice techniques, tools and technology, and recognised methodology through university-industry collaborations. Graduates from this programme will have career opportunities as data scientists, data analysts and many more.

Entry Requirement

A Bachelor’s Degree (honours) in area focusing on numeracy skills including computing, engineering mathematics, physical sciences and other fields that have sound statistical and computing background, with good grades (minimum CGPA of 2.75 or equivalent) from UTeM or any other institutions of higher learning recognised by Senate.

Candidates without a computing degree need to complete bridge / prerequisites courses prior to the enrollment into the programme.
Waiver to bridge / prerequisite courses may be granted if an equivalent course has already been successfully completed, or prove of relevant work experience, that are recognised by the Senate.

Curriculum Structure

Course Category

Number of courses

Credit Hours

University’s Course















 List of Courses

University’s Course

No. Course’s Code Core Course Credit
1 MPSW5013 Research Methodology 3
2 MPSW5063 Entrepreneurship 3

 Core Course

No. Course’s Code Core Course Credit
1 MTDS 5113 Fundamental of Data Science 3
2 MTDS 5123 Big Data Management 3
3 MTDS 5133 Applied Statistical Methods 3
4 MTDS 5143 Applied Machine Learning 3
5 MTDS 5153 Big Data Analytics and Visualization 3
6 MTDS 5163 Modelling and Decision Making 3

Elective Courses (Select TWO only)

No. Course’s Code Credit
1 MTDS 5213 Special Topics in Applied Data Science 3
2 MTDS 5223 Manufacturing Analytics 3
3 MTDS 5233 Social Media Analytics 3
4 MTDS 5243 Geospatial Analytics 3
5 MTDS 5253 Healthcare Analytics 3
6 MTDS 5263 Tourism Analytics 3
7 MTDS 5273 Logistics and Transportation Analytics 3
8 MTDS 5283 Customer and Financial Analytics 3


No. Course’s Code Project Credit
1 MTPU 5314 Project I 4
2 MTPU 5326 Project II 6

Mode of Learning & Duration of Study:

  • Full-Time
    Minimum: 1 year (2 long semester and 1 short/special semester)
    Maximum: 3 year (6 long semester and 3 short/special semester)
  • Part-Time
    Minimum: 2 year (4 long semester and 2 short/special semester )
    Maximum: 4 year (8 long semester and 4 short/special semester)